The hotel

After a year-long restoration project of a building practically in ruins, whose oldest part, together with its accompanying “horreo”, dates back to the XVI century. We have managed to build a hotel but at the same time respect its most emblematic features. In perfect accordance with the original architecture, the porch arch, gallery, cornerstones and lintels plus an old stone wash basin have been restored to their former glory.
(Horreo: typical rural structure made of stone supported on 4 legs for drying grain.)

Cosy corners

To enjoy those “Asturian Days” from the inside of the hotel, we have designed rather spacious cosy corners where you can put your feet up and read a good book, admire the views of the countryside or simply curl up by the fireplace and let yourself be mesmerized by its flickering flames.

Exterior rooms

On the first floor, alongside the gallery, 4 very comfortable double rooms are available each with their accompanying balconies while on the second floor there are another 5 well-lit double rooms with sloping ceilings offering a very cosy attic feel. You can choose between a queen-size bed (180cm wide), or 2 single beds (90cm wide) all with anti-dustmite quilts and fresh white linen. All exterior rooms, measuring 18sq metres, contain flat-screen TV’s, ensuites ( either with bathtub or shower ), hairdryer and accompaniments.

Three adjoining floors

The hotel is comprised of three floors, all of which are connected by stairs as well as a lift. Found on the ground floor is the reception, kitchen, bathrooms and toilets. There is a spacious 52sq metre dining room where guests breakfast and dine. Adjoining this there is a slightly smaller common lounge with a fireplace, library and board-games made available at the guest’s own leisure. Both rooms have direct access to the beautiful garden area.

The gardens

In addition to the comfort of the indoor cosy corners , in our gardens we have also managed to create a variety of outdoor cosy corners in which you may find your own space to relax and breathe in the country air.

The colours of the gardens

The 2000sq meters of garden are naturally enclosed by copper beech trees and photinias, which radiate their characteristic colours depending on the season. Flowers such as hydrangeas and agapanthus, carnations, heavenly sacred bamboo, spirea, abelias and apple, pear, cherry and plumb trees abound in the gardens making it a pure delight to the senses.

Asturian afternoons

Test your skills at the afternoon ritual of cider-pouring while enjoying the moment seated around the idyllically restored horreo brought in from the nearby village of Sama de Grado and reconstructed in the gardens of the hotel. If cider is not your cup of tea, feel free to stretch out under the eaves of this so typical asturian construction with a good book while taking in the changing colours of the day approaching dusk.

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